Truedialer review – A Smart Phone Dialer Android App
I am sharing with you , Truedialer review – a Smart Phone Dialer Android App. Truedialer gives a access to relevant information about contacts that users are trying to dial. This dialer uses a simple and easy to use numeric pad to help find numbers within your phonebook, and beyond your phonebook with Truecaller integration.

Truedialer review – A Smart Phone Dialer Android App

Truecaller launches Truedialer app for Android which  gives you instant access to relevant information about people you are about to call, and lets you save the information quickly into your phonebook for later use.
Features of  Truedialer :

    Fast, accurate, and easy to use
    Quick dial for calling favorite contacts
    Access over 1 billion Contacts through Truecaller search integration.
    No more unknown call records in your call log, fill in the missing information for you (if available)
    T9 search (supports predictive text)
    Search quickly
    Edit phone contacts for managing phonebook

Truedialer is brought to you by the Truecaller Team. More than 85M people around the world use Truecaller to help manage their contacts and calls, with millions more joining each month.
Download Truedialer app

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