How to Make Money with Survey Savvy
Surveys Savvy, which was created in 1999, is a paid survey website based in San Diego, California. It is free to join, and you only need a valid email account and must be 14 years old. Your membership begins once you confirm the link in an e-mail they send you. Some surveys will require you to complete a telephone confirmation before you can get paid. How many surveys you receive will depend on the information you provide in your membership profile.


Survey Savvy

        1 Update your member portrait. The member portrait is your profile that contains detailed information about you. This includes your age, income, gender and marital status. In the section that asks about hobbies and interests, choose all of them to qualify for the maximum number of surveys. The amount of surveys you receive will depend on this, and the basic information in your profile.

        2 Refer everyone you know to Survey Savvy, encouraging them to join through your referral link. You will receive the link after you join, and the system will pay on three different levels. You will get paid for each survey, plus surveys your referrals complete.

       3 Check your spam filters to make sure it is not blocking any email from Survey Savvy. Spam filters are designed to block unsolicited messages, but it will sometimes prevent you from receiving legitimate e-mails. Open the blocked message, and click "Not Spam" to send it to your inbox. Add "," "," and "" to your address book to bypass the filter.

      4 Complete every survey Survey Savvy sends you as soon as possible. The surveys expire after a specified length of time, and you will miss valuable opportunities if you take too long to respond. You will not qualify for every survey, but will be entered into a sweepstakes even if you don't.

The minimum amount of money you can request is one dollar. Request a payment by logging in to the members area, and clicking "My Account." You'll see a "Request Payment" link in the drop-down menu.

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