Lock Windows with USB Pen Drive or USB flash drive is another Windows security hardware measurement for securing your Windows computer to avoid any authorised person using your computer.

This physical Windows lock security measurement is utilizing physical USB pen drive or USB flash drive hardware as the primary key or computer access control device and plugs on USB drive on yoru computer to access and use your computer operating system. When you’re unplugged the UBS pen drive, the computer will automatically locked once you’re away.  Plus more, you can used this physical security method as computer Window locks for children.

Over here, we will going to introduce another freeware that will allow you to to password protect, lock, unlock Windows PC using USB Pen Drive.

Predator is free Windows security hardware measurement that turns your USB flash drive as a physical security key to lock and unlock your computer even the Windows sessions is still opened. The keyboard and mouse will automatically disabled and the screen will be darkens when the USB drive is unplugged. And when you again plug the USB back to its place, the computer operating will revert back normal.

Besides Windows security, Predator also serve as parental control tools, which it limits the time your kids spend on their computers with the built-in scheduler. You can even make specific rules for each user and each day of the week or either lock the desktop, logoff the user or shutdown the computer.

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