"Money apps"- Make money with your smartphone
Potential daily profit: $3-$5
This chapter is a bit different from the previous chapters in the course, but we decided to include it since it allows almost anyone with smartphone to make some money instantly without any knowledge or investment.

The cellular market is one of the hottest markets in the world today, millions of people are connected any given moment to the internet via smartphones and like any other big market there is a large amount of cash, especially in the advertising area.

In this chapter we will see some applications that gives you some of their profits and allows anyone to earn some dollars by performing simple actions like: reviewing and downloading new apps, watching trailers, taking pictures of specific places, filling surveys, opening demo accounts at some services and more.

Right, you will earn a small account of money from each action but if you will be persistent you can earn an average of 3-5 dollars a day with a little effort by using 2-3 applications a day and according to your country.

For now there are tens of apps that will pay you some of their profits but most of them pays tiny amount of cash or they are unstable, so we collected the most profitable apps that will allow you to reach few hundred dollars profit a month with minimum effort:
Pay attention – to enjoy these profits you must own an iPhone or an Android.
Feature points
My favorite app, in some of the countries you can earn close to $50 in a week, this app is profitable for you especially for downloading and trying free apps for 30 seconds (Which you can delete later on).

Notice you don't need to download the app from the store; you get to it using your browser:
1. Using your mobile browser go to
2. On the upper left corner press Sign Up
3. Approve the app to install a profile on your phone – press "Let's Go" and then "Install"
4. Now you have the possibility to write the code of the person who referred you to the app, if you will do it you will earn 50 bonus points (that worth money) – feel free to write my code: 4vc1zw.
5. Accept the terms
6. Add the app to your home screen as instructed on the screen.
That's it, now you will receive a list of apps for which for any one of them you will download you will be rewarded with points as indicated next to each of them, you have to download the app, mess with it for 30 seconds and then return to "feature points" and see if your point number updated.
To convert these points to money you have to press the "Rewards" tab at the bottom where you can convert them to money which will be transferred immediately to your PayPal account or with other gifts by your choice.
Each day new apps will be added which will reward you with points and new kind of missions which will also give you points.
I recommend you join their Facebook page and follow the competitions they do there.
Want to make more money?
Another nice feature in this app is the possibility to refer people to download it too which will give you 50% of the profit they are making (And they will earn one time reward bonus of 50 points, as shown in section 4 above), notice it can be very significant because if you for example referred a friend that earns $100 monthly by downloading apps you will
earn $50 worth of points completely passive, imagine how much money you will make each month if you will refer 10 people…
Several members of our team are earning close to $500 a month completely passively only from their referral.
The most old and familiar in the business, works in the same principal as feature points, to install it you need to go (using the mobile browser) to M.APPREDEEM.COM and do as instructed, (the installation process is the same as feature points therefore I won't list it again)
After you added the app to your home screen
Go to the settings tab and register your account. Make sure you have a verified PayPal email.
Currently any 1000 points you earn worth $1, but pay attention that besides downloading apps you have the "offers" tab where you can find survey filling or free sign up to different services offer – which will reward you with hundreds of points per mission, so you can raise your income very quick with these offers.

What should I do if I'm not a resident of the USA?
A large part of the offers is dedicated to US citizens only, if you come from another country and you don't have enough offers you can download a Which will give you the options to surf – "VPN" applike you live in the USA, something which will open a large amount of offers that gives you points.
There are a lot of VPN apps and YouTube tutorials on how to install them, I like using Hotspot Shield VPN, for the reason its installation is very simple and quick.

We are regularly following top rated apps, stay connected in our Facebook group and in this site to get update on new profitable apps, it's likely that with the increase of the popularity of the cellular and cellular marketing the number of these apps will grow, and will allow you to earn more money.
Here are some more applications that will let you earn few dollars a week, anyone who has got the
How to make money in your first 24 hours:
1. Install Feature Points and Appredeem apps
2. Start downloading apps and get points
3. convert the points to money from the "Rewards" tab
4. You will get the money directly to your PayPal account
5. Refer people to Feature Points- they will earn too and you will earn easy money completely passive
time to go through all of these apps and perform all the available offers can easily earn few hundred dollars a month:

App trailers – from the creators of Appredeem pays you for watching apps trailers.
Reviewfordev – pays nicely for reviewing apps, you need to write a real review, for each you will earn at least 4 dollars most of the time. Shopkick- pays you to check in and scan product bar codes at local stores. (US only) – pays you to fill quick short surveys. Here is a recommendation to a good blog that reviews and follows real time dozens of apps that will pay you money:

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