Here is an easy to follow Step By Step Tutorial for making money with LinkBucks by using the links form galeries & images taken from ImageFap. It consists on 5 easy steps, which are qutie simple and I will try to explain it the easiest way I can.

1. First Step : Registration

You can register by clicking the link below

2. Second Step : Getting The Images

Go to ImageFap, access any gallery, scroll down the page and click "Or generate html/bbcode here" (as show in the image below)

3. Third Step : Getting The Images Links

Select "HTML with BBCodes" and "4 Images Per Row", next click the "Select All" Button and Copy (CTRL + C) the code shown in the box (as shown in the image below)

4. Forth Step : Generating the Links in Linkbucks

Once in your account, go to "Create Links", click "MulTiple Links" and fill the fields
o Link group name = Title of the Gallery
o HTML / BBcode = Paste (CTRL + V) the code in that box
o Target Option = You can choose for the image to be opened in a new window or in the same one.
o Landing Page Content is = Choose "Adult 18+" if your images have XXX content, else choose "Clean (All Ages)
o Ad Type = Here is one of the most interesting parts, where you set up your earnings per each image viewed. You have THREE different ads type:
Intermission Ads: These pay 1$/2000 clicks and display an ad for 15 seconds before they redirect (this 15 seconds can also be skipped).

Top Banner Ads: These pay 1$/4250 clicks) and they display a banner at the top of the website (you don't have to wait). Good when there is no option but to use them.

Popup Ads: These pay 1$/2500 clicks (almost as much as Intermission ads) and display a Pop Up that is usually blocked by the browser. They are less intrusive as they don't bother you. The most convenient choice!!

Making Money With Linkbucks on Myspace and Facebook

This is one of the easiest methods to making money with Linkbucks. Depending on your social network status, you can rack up some extra money with something as simple as a status update.

For example, I have a Myspace page with nearly 50,000 friends, I'd say about 1/4 of them are online at least once a day. I may have found a really cool article such as the OJ Simpson prison beating that I want to share. What I'll do is pick a good status update such as, "OJ Simpson Got Beat Down In Prison?" to attract attention to the link. Lets say there are 10,000 friends online and 5,000 click on the link. That's easy money in seconds!

You can learn more methods to making money with Linkbucks by visiting their forums. They have great posts including payment proofs, free e-books, and more money making opportunities.

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