White hat SEO
White hat SEO is ethical SEO. It's SEO techniques that search engines accept. White hat SEO techniques are beneficial for site visitors as well as for search engines. The goal of white hat SEO is to improve search engine result positions via methods that won't cause search engines to penalize the site.
there are two parts-
1.On Page Optimisation
2.Off Page Optimisation
Successful white hat SEO is slower than black hat SEO and is an ongoing process.
Examples of white hat SEO techniques
  • Researching relevant keywords
  • Including keywords naturally in page titles, headings, link anchor text, other page
  • content, and alt tags
  • Studying analytics reports and fine-tuning the content to further optimize
  • Adding fresh content regularly
  • Coding
  • Using correct HTML markup
  • Making sure that all the code is valid
  • Creating site maps 
  • Using CSS
  • Linking
  • Creating quality content
  • Asking to have directories and other relevant websites link to the site
  • Optimizing pages for social media in the hopes of attracting social media links
  • Arranging for link exchanges with relevant sites (considered by some to be gray hat SEO) 
Black hat SEO

Black hat SEO is the use of techniques that are unacceptable to search engines to boost a page's position in search results. These techniques are intended to trick search engines into giving pages higher positions in search results, and they have no benefit to site visitors. The goal is to improve search engine result positions no matter what it takes to do it.

Black hat SEO techniques are used for two reasons:

They work — until search engines find out about them and they don't work

Some people don't understand that black hat SEO techniques can get their sites penalized by or banned from search engines. 

Even if search engines can't detect the black hat SEO techniques, competitors of sites that employ black hat SEO techniques can spot them and do report them to search engines.
Examples of black hat SEO techniques

  • Keyword stuffing
  • Deceptive content
  • Doorway or gateway pages
  • Cloaking
  • Linking
  • Link farms
  • Spamming forums, blogs, and other social media sites with links (search engines might not penalize sites for this, but it's considered unethical)
Gray hat SEO
Gray hat SEO is SEO techniques that take more risks than white hat SEO techniques but aren't likely to get your site banned from search engines . They're questionable SEO techniques but not in the same category as black hat SEO techniques. However, what's considered gray hat SEO today might be black hat SEO next year.We can say grey hat seo is the middle level seo.
Examples of gray hat SEO techniques
  • Having a keyword density but less than lack hat seo
  • Publishing duplicate content at different sites
  • Links
  • Link building with less relevant site
  • Using paid links

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