Link building
 Q.What is link building?
Linking of a site to other site or one to  another  is called link exchange or link building. Link building is a powerful to improve ranking in search engines .Takeing link at high PR site/page is much more beneficial for a site.There are many tricks used to making links like Chating,emailing,blog comments and through forums etc.
There are three 3 types of link building.
1.One way Link Exchange
2.Two way Link Exchange
3.Way Link Exchange

Q.What are the type of link building?

Main three ways are as follow---
1.One way Link Exchange- In one way ,A site linked to other but other is not linked that one.This type of links are best in comparision of other type of links.
Example site A link linked to site B but B is not linked reverse back to site A.

2.Two way Link Exchange /Reciprocal link Exchange- In this one site is linked to site other site and other site is also linked to first site,means they are linked to each other.
Example- site A link linked to site B and B also linked  back to site A.
3.Way Link Exchange- In this, Webmasters have many sites of different themes they take link for targeted site and linked back to other webmaster at other site as her/his desired theme.
Example- one webmaster1’s site A link linked to site B of other webmaster2 and wemaster2’s site C linked to site D of wemaster1.

Q.What is a back link?
Or What is the difference between inbound links and outbound links?

Back link/Incoming link/Inbound link-A link that points to a page/website is called back link for that page/website.
Outbound- links on a page that point to other pages /websites are called Out bound links for that page.

Q.What is the difference Between Internal links and external links?
Internal link- A link which point to a page within same site.
External link- A link which point to a page/site of an other page/site(out of same site).
Q. What is the difference between nofollow and dofollow links?
 By default all links are dofollow.
Nofollow-a link that is not followed by web crawler known as nofollow link.
<a href=”url” rel=”nofollow”>title</a>
Dofollow- a link that is followed by web crawler known dofollow link.
What is a site wide link?

These are links that are found on every page of a website. For example, many people have a link to their “home” page (the index page) on every other page of their web site. That’s a site wide link.
What are the main thing we will check before taking a link on a page of a site?
Quality of page we want during take link on a page are -
1.Theme of page must match-If a site of travel have a page of mobile so we can take a link of mobile site at that page? Yes or no.
Answer is yes means we need first theme related page then theme related site
2.Google cache –we want a recent cache page.If a page have PR is it possible that page can not be cache?
Yes a page have PR then it is possible that the page may be not cache.
3.High page rank-Higher PR links a good for a site to get high search engine ranking.
4.Must be dofollow- By default, all links a dofollow.If a link contains no follow tag then that is not followed by web crawler. And provide no benefit to SEO work.
5.C class and IP address check (good if sites have different IP and C class)- if link have different C class they provide more link juice in comparison of link with same IP or same C class.
6.Content link-Bontent links are more better than blog roll and other type of links.
7.No bad neighbours-Must be other theme links near or on that page
8.No casino and sex links
9.No footer link-These give very less link juice
10.Old domain(site)- old is gold.Highe age domain are good for link exchange.
11.Page must not be blocked for web crawler- Page should not be blocked by robots.txt.
What is link velocity?

Link velocity -This refers to how quickly you get backlinks. For best results, we need regularity and steady speed(velocity).

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