Configure vim that is more convenience than vi.
[1] Configure vim. ( Apply to a user below. If you applly to all users, Write the same settings in '/etc/vim/vimrc'. )
aptitude -y install vim
vi ~/.vimrc
" use extended function of vim (no compatible with vi)

set nocompatible
" specify encoding

set encoding=euc-jp
" specify file encoding

set fileencodings=iso-2022-jp,sjis
" specify file formats

set fileformats=unix,dos
" take backup

" if not, specify [ set nobackup ]

set backup
" specify backup directory

set backupdir=~/backup
" take 50 search histories

set history=50
" ignore Case

set ignorecase
" distinct Capital if you mix it in search words

set smartcase
" highlights matched words

" if not, specify [ set nohlsearch ]

set hlsearch
" use incremental search

" if not, specify [ set noincsearch ]

set incsearch
" show line number

" if not, specify [ set nonumber ]

set number
" Visualize break ( $ ) or tab ( ^I )

set list
" highlights parentheses

set showmatch
" show color display

" if not, specify [ syntax off ]

syntax on
" change colors for comments if it's set [ syntax on ]

highlight Comment ctermfg=LightCyan
" wrap lines

" if not, specify [ set nowrap ]

set wrap

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