Url Opener Wizard 2.87
Url Opener Wizard 2.87 | 1.5 MB

Url Opener Wizard keeps bookmarks of 51 websites and opens them, easily and fast, in the default browser (changed in the program). To preload and open your websites, Url Opener Wizard has 51 buttons. It shows the icon of the current default browser on your computer. The Main window of the program is always at the top of the screen. After opening your website (websites), you can minimize the program by clicking Minimize.

To use Url Opener Wizard:

1. Connect the Internet and start the program.
2. Under Preload, click buttons to save the Titles and Urls of your websites.
3. Under Open, click the preloaded buttons one by one to open your websites.
4. Click a command in the Browser menu to change the default browser.

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