In the Quick Access Toolbar you can put commands that you frequently use, instead of searching for them on the ribbon bar.

Additional commands

By default Quick Access Toolbar have three commands: save, undo and redo. You can add additional commands by clicking a little black arrow. This opens Customize Quick Access Toolbar.

A new window will appear. You can add or remove additional buttons here.

You can choose the most common options here you can add to the QAT. For example let say that you want to add: New, Open and Quick Print. Each time you check the option a new icon will appear.

If you want to add additional, less commonly used options, click the arrow and choose "More Commands...". You will find here many icons grouped into categories.

  • You can choose there a group of icons to show. By default icons are filtered by the most popular commands. Besides this category you can change filtering to e.g. "All" or "Commands Not in the Ribbon".
  • You will find here commands that can be found in the selected category.
  • In this dropdown menu you can choose additional icons that will be added to the specified Excel files.
  • This is the list of icons that will be added to QAT

Ribbon Position

Quick Access Toolbar is located above the ribbon. If you want to change the position of QAT, click the arrow and then choose "Show Below the Ribbon".

If you want to move Quick Access Toolbar back to its place, click the same button again. But this time the button's name is different.

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