nokia_smartphonesNOKIA smartphones lost the smartphone war because of their bet on wrong ecosystem. Future for NOKIA smartphones Giving up the Symbian OS was the first thing they did after they accepted there challenger position in the market. There still is lack of acceptance in the company whereas the industry is changing so fast. We are already witnessing Blackberry dying because they did not change. 
But Nokia is not going to die, here is why..: 

Is there any future for NOKIA smartphones ?

1. After Microsoft acquiring Nokia, Nokia got what was most needed- The financial might to fight giants like Samsung, Google and Apple. Microsoft makes almost 3 times of net profit of what they paid to buy Nokia. So it is very safe to assume that Microsoft will not leave any stone un-turned before they give up on mobility. This could mean more products, cheaper devices and heavy investment on brand building and sales.

2. Nokia still is leading the volume market. Even though the market for feature phone is saturated, a significant market share is ensured.
3. In terms of brand equity consumer still ranks Nokia higher than Samsung. All Nokia need is an aggressive strategy and innovative product lineup to get its glory back.People will not forget this brand for another couple of years.

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