When you work with spreadsheets, sooner or later you will have to insert Cells into an existing worksheet. I will show a few ways you can achieve it.
To insert new Cells inside the working area, choose the region you want to insert cells and then right click on this selection. From contextual menu select "Insert...".

Excel guesses what you want to do and does it quite well. This time Excel chose to shift Cells right. Of course you can change it if it's not what you meant. But this time let's use the default selection.

When Cells are shifted right you get empty Cells inside the area you've selected.

Same thing we can do with Rows. Select Cells, and from contextual menu select "Insert". A popup window will appear. This time Excel guessed that we want to shift Cells down.

We've added new empty Cells on top and shifted down the existing ones.

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