I find that Batch Files can be just as effective as other programming languages for simple tasks in the console window. This tutorial will teach you the basics of this simple and extremely easy-to-learn pseudo-language.

First, a quick reference site for batch files is AND if you use this site, be aware that all of the MS-DOS commands can be used in batch files. Also, you can go into command prompt and type the command followed by /? and it should show you the syntax and a quick overview of the command.

For this tutorial, I am assuming that you have little-to-no experience with batch files, and some experience with windows (windows explore, copy-paste, etc. basic stuff).

That said, lets get started.

Creating a Batch File:
Batch files are easy to create and can be done using notepad quite easily. When you save a batch file, specify the .bat extension, and check to make sure that the save-as-type is set to all files. Or, you can rename .txt files, though its better practice to initially save them as batch files. That was easy. If only I had a staples button...

Editing Batch Files:
Obviously, you can't just double-click on the batch file and edit it. Since batch is run through DOS (the command prompt), it doesn't require compiling, so double-clicking on it will run the program. Instead, right-click and go to edit. This will open up notepad for you with the file.

Running Batch Files:
Treat just like an exe file, double-click.

And Now For the Fun Part-Coding, Commands, Etc.

Click Here And Download!

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