Cyber Warfare, Second Edition: Techniques, Tactics and Tools for Security Practitioners,2 edition

Jason Andress, Steve Winterfeld, "Cyber Warfare, Second Edition: Techniques, Tactics and Tools for Security Practitioners, 2 edition
English | 2013 | ISBN-10: 0124166725 | 324 pages | PDF (Reup), MOBI | 15 MB

Cyber Warfare explores the battlefields, participants and tools and techniques used during today's digital conflicts. The concepts discussed in this book will give those involved in information security at all levels a better idea of how cyber conflicts are carried out now, how they will change in the future and how to detect and defend against espionage, hacktivism, insider threats and non-state actors like organized criminals and terrorists. Every one of our systems is under attack from multiple vectors-our defenses must be ready all the time and our alert systems must detect the threats every time.
Provides concrete examples and real-world guidance on how to identify and defend your network against malicious attacks
Dives deeply into relevant technical and factual information from an insider's point of view
Details the ethics, laws and consequences of cyber war and how computer criminal law may change as a result

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