We will use AutoSum feature to deal with calculations. AutoSum can cause problems if you don't know how to use it. I will show you some methods and tell where you need to be careful to avoid problems. You can play around to discover many different ways to use this feature. AutoSum button is located in the Home Tab and in the Formula bar.

On the image below we have a number of points scored by each person each month. Let's calculate all points scored by each person. Then we calculate number of point scored for each month.

When you place cursor near data you want to sum up, Excel will try to guess which data you want to use. Sometimes it guesses correctly and sometimes Excel needs to be told. Let's try to calculate data that we need to sum in Cell F2. Click Cell F2 and then press the AutoSum button. You can also do it using a key shortcut Alt + "=".

As you can see Excel shows which cells it takes to calculate the result. Repeat the process for Cell F3. When you try to do it for next Cell - F4, you notice that Excel took above data instead of the data on the left. This happens because adding number down is more common that adding numbers across.

When Excel chooses wrong cells, drag correct ones and press Enter.

Choose F3 and F4 and press delete. Let's use Autofill feature to calculate the result quickly. Click Cell F2. On the bottom right corner you will find a little square. Move your cursor there until it changes to black cross-hair. Now you can either drag it to Cell F5 or double click. Double click works only for Columns. For Rows, you can only use drag option.

Last method will calculate all Rows, Columns and sum total number of points. First delete cells from F2 to F6. Drag Cells from Cell B2 to F6 and then press AutoSum button or shortcut Ctrl-"=".

This operation will sum all points for each month, for each person and show how many point were scored in total.

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