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Zenyal is a opensource free operating system for microsoft alternate.

Easy to use and affordable hybrid IT infrastructure, that is natively interoperable with Microsoft Active Directory® and Microsoft® Exchange Server. Available through trusted local Partners.

Hybrid IT Infrastructure
Would your business like to take the advantage of cloud services? If yes, but you are having concerns regarding security, loss of control, performance and reliability, consider Zentyal’s hybrid solution. It helps you to take the IT infrastructure easily to the
cloud.Know more about Hybrid IT
 Zentyal Infrastructure
Corporate Local Area Networks (LANs) can be quickly deployed and easily configured using Zentyal Infrastructure.
It provides the essential services for running any network and the higher level services: DHCP, DNS and NTP, and in addition the Certification Authority. Moreover, other usual services like Web and FTP server for hosting internal web applications or UPS management are also included.

Essential LAN Services

Zentyal Infrastructure provides SMBs with all the essential network infrastructure services. Using Zentyal it is possible to set up and manage the automatic network configuration (DHCP), internal domain names (DNS) and network time synchronization (NTP). These will be required in any network, from the most simple one to large networks and when running domain services with Zentyal Directory.

Certification Authority

Zentyal Infrastructure comes with encryption technologies to guarantee the authenticity, integrity and privacy of business communications. Creating and deploying digital certificates for the users and for the different services is very easy using the Certification Authority.

Web Server & FTP Server

SMBs that need a web or FTP server can deploy these services with Zentyal Infrastructure. Any internal web application can be hosted within the same server they already have deployed. In addition, the FTP server will allow file transfers and uploading the applications to the server.

Server Hardware Protection

When an unexpected power disruption takes place in the company infrastructure, it is necessary to have the server hardware protected. Zentyal Infrastructure comes with an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), that gives the system enough time to save the data and shut down the system correctly, restarting the system when power is back.

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