Shake things up.
Windows 7 Aero® Shake clears the inactive windows from your desktop. Rest
your mouse pointer over the window title bar, click, and shake the window from side to side.Repeat the procedure to shake everything back into view.
Windows 7 Aero Peek.Click the small rectangle in the lower-right corner (or Windows logo key+ SPACEBAR) to peek at the icons and gadgets on your desktop.
Get a grip on your gadgets:
With Windows 7, gadgets are easier to manage and use. Position
them anywhere on the desktop, and resize them to your heart’s content. They’ll snap in placeat the edge of the screen.
To change gadget options, right-click on the desktop and selectGadgets.(EXPLAIN/SHOW Gadgets)Favorite pin-ups.Pin the folders you use most onto your taskbar. Simply hold your mouse overthe folder, right-click, and drag the folder onto the taskbar for easy access.Clean up your taskbar. 
Just right-click any icon on the taskbar, and click Unpin this program from the taskbar.Access icons from the taskbar.Drag your icons to the taskbar in the order you desire. Open the first five icons by pressing the Windows logo key + 1, + 2, and so on.Dock those windows.To dock your window on half the sc
reen, drag the window to the left orright. When the cursor reaches the edge of the screen, the window will snap to half the size ofthe screen. Or, press Windows logo key + LEFT ARROW or Windows logo key + RIGHT ARROW.
Using more than one monitor?
When you work with more than one monitor, use the keyboard shortcuts, Windows logo key + SHIFT + LEFT ARROW, or Windows logo key + SHIFT + RIGHT ARROW to move windows from one monitor to another.
Come to order.To auto-arrange your desktop icons according to your default settings, pressand hold the F5 key. Windows 7 immediately restores order.
It’s a stick-up.
Put your sticky notes right on your Windows 7 desktop. On the
Start menu, click All Programs >Accessories>Sticky Notes. Right-click the note to change its color, or click the PLUS SIGN to create another note.
Add shortcut to Startup to open at BootKill the clutter.Press Windows logo key + HOME to minimize all inactive windows. PressWindows logo key + HOME again to restore the windows when you want them.

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