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Why has the Samsung Galaxy S4 sold more than other Android phones?

The impact created by the Galaxy S2 and Galaxy S3 was unforgotten. Galaxy S2 was the best smartphone of it’s time, clearly outsmarting the competitors in all respects. Galaxy S3 was not all that great, but again, it was good enough to be appreciated as a flagship, with no deal-breaking drawbacks. Samsung followed the trend “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”
This way Samsung had already became the leading smartphone manufacturer in the market, with 20 million units sold of the Galaxy S and over 40 million units sold each of S2 and S3.
The market it captured by the likes of it’s previous S line of smartphones certainly turned out to be biased and faithful, and the S4 was purchased blindly..!
Even if that was not enough, Samsung tried to put everything in a smartphone in the case of Galaxy S4. When it was released, it had the greatest processor in the market, which outshined in all the benchmarks. The Xperia Z had 1.5 GHz Quad Core, the HTC One had 1.7 GHz Quad Core, but the Galaxy S4 featured an insane 1.6GHz+1.2GHz Quad core combo, which was on the par with the highest of the benchmarks. The only thing it lacked was the premium feel that ought to be there in a flagship (that the Xperia Z and the HTC One both had), and a perhaps little refinement in the software features. But again it was very light and just 7.9 mm thick to make up for that.
Evidently, the Galaxy S4 was sold like ‘hot cakes’.

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