WebSite-Watcher 2014 14.1 Business Edition Multilingual

WebSite-Watcher 2014 14.1 Business Edition Multilingual | 9.7 MB

WebSite-Watcher - a powerful software to monitor the sites for their  updates. When changes are detected and updated pages are stored on them  highlighted in all the changes. For more specific control over changes  of certain information might well use custom filters. The program  supports integration with most popular browsers - Internet Explorer,  Firefox, Netscape and Opera.

Work with Website-Watcher starts by creating a database of links. All  the information about links program are stored in files, which can be  several. The presence of several bases options can be useful, for  example, if the computer has several users, or if you want to share  their Bookmark categories. Add new links in two ways - manually or  importing them from your browser.
Website-Watcher works with the major  popular browsers, including Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera,  NetCaptor and NeoPlanet. Import links from your browser you can one by  one, dragging them into the selected folder, or all at once. It Bookmark  not get mixed up, but will be stored in the same folder in which they  are stored in the "Favorites" browser. In parallel, all references will  be placed in a folder All Bookmarks.

If you use a proxy with the Internet, before you start checking  references, you must specify the hostname and port of the proxy settings  Website-Watcher. Manual do not necessarily - the program can use data  from Internet Explorer. To export just one click Use Settings from  Internet Explorer.

Many file/page types

* Monitor web pages

Monitor web pages with a minimum of time. Why waste hours surfing the  web, when WebSite-Watcher can do this job for you within a few minutes.  Supports all kind of pages with textual content (html, asp, php, ...).
Screenshot - Video

* Monitor password protected pages
Logins to a password protected page can be recorded with the integrated  Check-Macro feature. These macros are executed when WebSite-Watcher  checks the bookmarks for updates.

* Monitor forums
Efficient way to monitor forums for new topics and replies using forum  templates. Works with all major forums including phpBB, SMF, vBulletin,  IPB, etc.
Screenshot - Video 1: Forum-Plugin - Video 2: Forum-Wizard

* Monitor RSS-Feeds
Website-Watcher converts RSS/Atom feeds into a readable format using a  template system. So you can use the full power of WebSite-Watcher to  detect new or changed RSS postings within a single tool and also monitor  password protected RSS feeds behind a login.
Screenshot - Video

* Monitor Newsgroups
WebSite-Watcher offers a base functionality for reading and writing new  newsgroup postings and answers. The newsgroups functionality can also be  used with the keywords functionality to monitor postings for specified  keywords.
Screenshot 1 - Screenshot 2

* Monitor PDF/Word/Excel documents
WebSite-Watcher automatically converts PDF/Word/Excel documents into  HTML files, so you can check them like normal web pages and also search  for specified keywords.

* Monitor binary files
Binary files (for example zip or exe files) can be monitored via the  file date, the file size or via a small part of the content. That allows  you to efficiently monitor large files without having to download them.  Dependent from the server, WebSite-Watcher will choose the best  checking method automatically.

* Monitor local files
Monitor local files and directories and use the same powerful features as you do for web resources.

Many Features
* Monitor web pages
* Monitor password protected pages
* Monitor forums for new postings and replies
* Monitor RSS feeds, Newsgroups and local files
* Highlight changes in a page
* Powerful filter system to ignore unwanted content
* Many more features to stay up-to-date!

Many Benefits
* Don't waste hours checking websites for updates when WebSite-Watcher can do it automatically for you
* Know what your competitors are doing, WebSite-Watcher scans their websites for you
* Know when a new software version or driver update is released, WebSite-Watcher detects the updates for you
* Stay informed with new postings or answers in discussion forums, WebSite-Watcher will notify you as soon as possible.
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