Spyshelter Firewall 3.0

Spyshelter Firewall 3.0 | 8.7 Mb

Hackers today can use near limitless methods to steal your personal information and affect your life. By adding the SpyShelter Firewall software to your digital security plan, your information will be safe and secure, guaranteed. By knowing that your information is secure, you can turn your efforts towards family, friends, work, or even some much needed relaxation time.

The SpyShelter Firewall provides a long list of features to protect your information that include:

Quality Features Of SpyShelter Firewall:

    Provides incoming/outgoing network requests detection
    High quality DDE requests catching
    IPV6 support
    Important COM objects protection
    High Extended files/folders protection
    Extended registry protection
    Extended Inter-process communication protection
    Application protection upon execution
    Proactive protection are able to detect any virus, spy program, keylogger or trojan attempts to steal your private information
    Protect your passwords, chat, and credit card numbers
    Proactive protection gives you ability to detect a newly created malicious software that is not detectable by third-party antivirus products

    Simple, easy-to-use, intuitive GUI.
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