With all the hype around the Mailbox app, I was really excited when it went live and signed up immediately. Today i am going to review Mailbox app review 2014 . Got access to the app and have setup my mail account there. But I have already stopped using it.
For me, Mailbox has over-simplified the categorizing of emails – either trash an email, archive it or mark it unread – to be reminded at a later time. And unless I do either of these for ALL the items in my account, it shows an annoyingly large badge number on the icon in my home screen. Was 1019 (till I last turned off badges for the app) when I only had 5 “unread” emails according to Google!
Mailbox-AppMailbox app review 2014
The negatives:
  • You can choose attachments only from your photos or Dropbox files
  • No widgets
  • Allows to add only Google or iCloud accounts
The positives:
  • Loads fast
  • Swipe is all you need to do to archive, move to trash, to add to lists or delete
  • Automate  archive , snooze or move to trash from a particular sender
That’s definitely not how I’d want my mails to work. I like to categorize them under different labels and levels of importance. I cannot simply archive or delete them or forget about them for some time.
Another pain point, the long swipe for deleting an email. Thats irritating if you have more than 2 emails to delete at a time and have no option of marking multiple emails to delete them at one go! I religiously tried to keep my mailbox clean and get that damned number down to 0 unless I could take it no more!
So Mailbox would be just one of those apps that are on my phone but won’t be used (and when I have run out of space, will eventually be deleted – unless they come up with an update that makes me want to stay!)

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