The new app release comes with a completely redesigned tablet and landscape-friendly user interface, improved scanning, Anti-Phishing module, and other enhancements.
Furthermore, the software features an adjustable status bar notification icon, scan level with variable depth of scanning (Quick/Smart/Deep), and SMS/Call filtering in specific times.
Features such as Built-in USSD Control,
Background scan, Anti-Theft and Startup Wizard, and protection against Android Master Key vulnerabilities were also included in the new app release.
Available for all Android 2.2 or newer devices, the new ESET Mobile Security also takes advantage of the ESET Live Grid cloud technology to deliver maximum protection against emerging threats.
The software can also detect apps that do harm by sending text messages or making calls to premium rate numbers, while also being capable of screening all applications for malware in real time.
Furthermore, it comes with Anti-Theft capabilities, enabling users to locate and control missing phones remotely. Users can lock stolen devices and can also sound a siren to find them when they are misplaced.
At the same time, the app comes with uninstall protection, courtesy of a password lock that prevents unwanted removal and protects the app’s security settings.
All these features are available for users for free, but there is also a series of Premium capabilities that they can take advantage of, including Remote Wipe, SIM Guard, Device Monitoring, and Apps Audit.
Other Premium functionality in the app includes:
- Protect your personal information like usernames, passwords, banking information or credit card details with Anti-Phishing
- Control calls and SMS by setting rules for incoming and outgoing calls and texts limited to specific times, while allowing exceptions for family and friends.
- Groups Blocking – Blocks calls or SMS from a specific user, user group, or hidden numbers.
- Block Last Caller – Block the last caller and prevent future calls from this number.
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